Challenges Associated with Research Management and Administration in Universities




higher education institutions (HEIs), innovation, entrepreneurship, support systems, research commercialisation


Higher education institutions (HEI) face several obstacles because of the digital revolution that must be solved for them to play a more and bigger part in innovation ecosystems and economies. Therefore, HEIs and policymakers are always in need of a research administrative structure that is mainly favorable and creates an atmosphere where researchers can generate high-quality research outputs. This study aims to outline the problems that university research management and administration face when trying to promote research, innovation, and commercialization. There will be a study of the existing literature to propose a theory (The Triple Helix Model) that is relevant to this study. The study followed a scoping review of literature that is relevant to the subject matter. Practical answers to the questions will then be used in this framework. According to the research cited in this article, HEIs must set up strategic structures and activities to advise policymakers on how to frame robust support systems for research, innovation, and commercialization. 


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Ayandibu, A. O. (2023) “Challenges Associated with Research Management and Administration in Universities”, African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies, 5(1), pp. 1–12. doi: 10.51415/ajims.v5i1.1062.