A Museum Theatre Approach to Museum Communication in Durban, South Africa





museum theatre, museum communication, Durban, South Africa


This article explores how museum communication can be enhanced in museums in Durban, South Africa, using the Old Court House Museum (OCHM) in Durban, South Africa, as a point of departure for analysis and discussion. The aim is to close the gap between the humanities disciplines through disciplinary hybridisation while focusing on exploring the intersection of theatre arts and museums through applied theatre (AT) strategies to enhance museum communication. Grounded in Richard Schechner’s multidisciplinary approach to performance studies (PS), it incorporates the viewpoints of Dwight Conquergood on PS. The argument is that the humanities disciplines are historically and conceptually linked through cultural performance. The research employs qualitative methods, including historical-analytic analysis, key informant interviews (KIIs), and direct observation. The findings suggest the practice of the museum theatre (MT) concept in some parts of the South African cultural ecosystem, but with scant attention on Durban municipal museums.


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Omoruan, D., Omoera, O. S. and Usadolo, S. E. (2024) “A Museum Theatre Approach to Museum Communication in Durban, South Africa”, African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies, 6(1), pp. 1–10. doi: 10.51415/ajims.v6i1.1404.